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I am a HUGE fan of large format prints. 8 x 10 has never been a favorite of mine. Its just not quite big enough.

If you have just had your family photos taken (Engagement, Wedding, Bridal, Senior, Whatever kind of session) and you are now wondering what size prints you should order. This post is for you.

Every year I take 100’s of photos for people and  my favorite part of that, is walking into their homes and seeing those pictures on their walls. Many of these photos are just good, classic portraits. Others are artsy and candid. All of these images make beautiful artwork in your home. I hate to see these moments in your families history, forgotten on a CD or online. These are precious times with your family. As your little ones grow older and move away from home, you will be so happy that their sweet, innocent faces still fill your home with the memories that hang on your walls.

I know that ordering lots of large prints from every photo session you do is not possible. Most of us do not have homes that support that much wall space. A recent client of mine contacted me about doing an anniversary session. Her & her husband were celebrating 15 years ( I think that is the right number). This anniversary session included their children, because after 15 years of marriage, the children are a part of the their story as a couple. She told me up front that she wanted art for their home and she was planning to purchase some large prints. I was super excited to know that she had specific places in mind for these images.

Today, I am going to show you what she did with her images. She was so kind and sent me a few photos to show y’all.


These 3 images are beautiful in this couples bedroom. I am not sure on an exact size of these canvas prints, but I would think 11 x 14 or 11 x 17. I’m going with 11 x 14. Either way, these sizes are a great alternative to an 8 x 10 without being so huge that you have to build a wall just for the picture. 🙂


I am going to say this image is around a 24 x 36. If you want something a little smaller than that, but with this orientation, try a 16 x 24.


IMG_2280Once again, a 24 x 36 is my guess on this image size.

If I have taken your families photos in the past few years and you decide you want to get some enlargements made, CALL ME.

If you are currently deciding on which images to purchase and want some help, I am happy to help you with the process of elimination. Sometimes you just need someone else’s input.

If you feel like you can’t afford large images, talk with me about it. Their are so many options we can discuss.

I have a few more homes to show you over the next few weeks and months.
Let me know if this is helpful to you.

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