Valentine’s DIY Decor

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             Just a little bit of Valentine’s Decor DIY style. Mostly for me that means “do it with what you have.”
This is a photography blog. I know. Its more than that to me. Its about beauty and creativity in all forms.
That is what I love. I love decorating my home or a party.
I redecorate little spaces every couple of weeks just because its therapy for me. I’m not showing you this because
its anything great. Really its not much and its just some paper, strings and a few sticks I snapped off a tree.
I’m showing you because its a way that I like to add a little bit of cheer to our home.


             I didn’t intend to decorate for Valentine’s but I was cleaning out the office last week and came across
this wooden word.  ^^ It was happy and red AND I just felt the need right then and there to put up a little
V-day decor. We have been married less than 1 year so Valentine’s Decor seemed extra appropriate.


I had also been working on hooking up all of our computers to the wireless printer that morning.
There are so many fun Valentine’s Day printables online. It was the perfect way to test out our printer.
Love … was made for you and me. You can download here. I take no credit for it.


Just a little bit of red bakers twine with hearts cut out of construction paper.


No space is complete until you have a little bit of real, live, green plants. This particular plant is
called “baby tears”. It comes from my husband’s grandma. I love it.
It is easy to care for and easy to pot new ones. It is whimsy and delicate.

20140212_HJS_148602Pine-cones somehow make an appearance in every season for me.
I’m not sure why, except for the fact that we live in the pine tree forest and have them
in abundance. When I am decorating for a party, season or new space I walk around my house
and look for anything I can find in the colors that I need. I do the same thing when I need to add height or sculpture.
I open cabinet doors, rummage through boxes, grab dishes out of the kitchen.
#1 reason i do this is because I don’t have a lot of options.
#2 reason is that its inspiring for me. I’ll see something in my kitchen cabinet that inspires what I want to do.
REALLY, TRULY, HONESTLY. Sometimes I feel like a dork.

20140212_HJS_148579Taper candles and glass always add elegance.


I hung heart ornaments from the sticks. I made them from construction paper and bakers twine.
The sticks add height and the hearts add color.




20140212_HJS_148611A little banner of love made with a few printables I found online and scraps of construction paper.  ^^
Print  your own love circles here.
Love you to the moon and back & Be my Valentine found here.

20140212_HJS_148608Here it is all together. See, its only the top of my buffet, not the entire house.

Do you ever see your house through a new angle? I do. Maybe its just because i’m a photographer
and angles are important. Different angles produce different results and sometimes it is the perfect touch.
Well, I do the same thing with my home. I will be sitting in a room looking into another
(Since we live in a trailer that is not hard! In fact I can almost see all the way through the house.)
and I see that room in a completely different way than I did before. I see an inviting room,
that is cozy. It inspires me. I told you, I’m a dork.


All that to say, I walked past this mirror the other day and looked at my buffet
through it. ^^   A new perspective. I like it.

I’m so happy you stopped by. I’d love your feed back on things you see or read here
on my blog. I’d also LOVE to take your picture. So, check out the investment page
and send me a message from the contact page.
I can’t wait to hear from you.

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  1. Sooo adorable, Heidi 🙂 I think you did a great job with even just a few decorations!!

    Happy Anniversary, too!

  2. I love this, Heidi! You have such creative + practical ideas. I wish I could stop by and see all this in person…one day! 🙂

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