Summer’s 1st Grade Session

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Summer's 1st Grade Session

I have a perfectly adorable 1st grade session to share with  you today. Summer is her own person. (We all are, but some of us express it stronger than others.) That is one of the reasons everyone loves her. She is a bold, creative ‘dresser’ (the purple boots were her choice, not moms) and she wears it well.

We kept the session pretty simple. Summer and her family live close to me so we chose 2 locations within 2 minutes of both of us. I always love trying a new location. There is a small old church that I see almost everyday on my way to work. Several times they have started to restore it and then quit for various reasons. I arrived a little early and walked to the neighbors house to see who owns the property and to ask permission to use it as a backdrop. I had never been inside but we were able to open up the doors and the inside of the church is beautiful. Of course it needs a lot of work yet, but there were many beautiful details about it. From there we went to a small field for a few shots. It was a perfect evening for pictures. I like that my friends have such cute children.

1st Grade Photo Shoot

Summer’s favorite part of school is having her cousin Andrew in 1st grade with her.

So many different expressions. Summer did her own thing. I love how the actions and expressions that were captured are very natural.


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