St. Augustine, FL :: A Little on Vacation & Goals

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This blog has been neglected over the past few months. So much for my goal of posting every Tuesday. It was going well for the first 5 months of the year and then my schedule changed. I started working everyday again and by the time I get home there is food to make or clothes to wash or outside work to be done. I am ok with the change of schedule for a few months. When the new year hits, my schedule should slow down again and i’ll once more make it a priority to post weekly.

I have been busy with photo sessions. Especially the past few weeks. I have a lot more scheduled from now until Thanksgiving and i’m really excited about all of the new clients that I have been privileged to work with. I personally don’t like friends and family to see my Christmas photos online before they receive it in their mailbox, so as a general rule, I will not be posting any of my most recent sessions until after the holidays.

To bring some new life to this blog, I do have a few posts coming up. Today, A little rundown of our recent vacation to St. Augustine, FL. What a charming town. We loved all of the history and the 3 days that we were there, was not enough time. We rented a house in the residential area. It was nice to be out of the tourist area and yet close enough to spend time in the Old Town.





A few photos of what St. Augustine looks like at night.



We were 1 block away from this fabulous beach. I was thrilled with how private it was. There were very few people in our section of the beach. We had the most perfect beach weather. Beautiful blue skies and the perfect temps to enjoy the water and sun.


The Men rode around on these “beach Cruisers.”




In our search for the oldest house, we walked past some cozy looking back yards. I wanted to sneak in and see what the gardens looked like from the inside. I don’t know what type of flower or vine this is, but the color was so vibrant and beautiful.



Our last evening we had a little photo session on the beach.

We had a great time with these 2 couples. The men are childhood buddies and us ladies are friends by marriage. We really enjoy the support of these couples friendship.

Be sure to check back for a little Fall post.


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