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You have seen a lot of this couple recently. Thats ok because they are really great in front of the camera and they are really awesome friends. Last summer they wanted an Anniversary session. Along with that they wanted a picture of each season. Their last name is 4 letters and so each seasonal picture, we used a different letter of their name. They plan to display these photos in their home and I think they will be a neat personal touch.

Last night we took the Spring photo and now the collage of photos is complete. I put a few options together to show y’all how fun this project has been.

First, few shots of them last night (without the letters).



Now for the fun.

Lettersof the Season


There are endless possibilities with this idea. It could be a photo of your child every season for the first year of their life or for the first year of marriage, you could do a photo every season. The letters to your name don’t always work, but for this couple it was perfect!


  1. This is such a neat idea!

  2. my sis is so pretty, and they both look great! you take amazing pictures Beautiful. and I love the seasons pictures too cute. 🙂

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