Old Window Frame turned Picture frame & Memo board.

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This old window frame turned into a picture frame and memo board is a perfect Christmas Present.

I have a stash of old windows. My dad would like to trash them, but he made a lovely greenhouse with them and the pile of windows is significantly smaller now. Its been about 4-5 years ago now that I began using some of my old window frames to turn into picture frames / memo boards. I sold some to a few friends who saw them and like them.

Today I am delivering one that has been in the works for almost 4 years. Jennifer is the sister-in-law of one of those friends and she emailed me awhile ago and just wanted to get an idea for what all I could do with them. She wasn’t ready to order one yet. This past summer I took family photos for their extended family and she decided it was a great time or order her window frame as well.

I am so excited to deliver this Old window frame to her today.

It includes:
2 Chalk Boards
2 Pin Boards
1 Photo Frame
1 Key Hook


The Pin Boards are covered in this lovely Burlap & Chevron pattern. They are a perfect way to show off cards from friends, Christmas photos, recipes or reminders of any kind.





The Key Hook is a fun way to display your family initial, a tea cup or you could add more hooks and use it for the obvious – keys!




The Picture frame can be removed and changed out just like any other picture frame.


The Chalkboard is a great place for inspiring quotes, menu or to welcome guests.


A great Christmas gift idea as I mentioned earlier. There are so many neat things that can be put in these panes – screen for earrings, wires to clip photos on, chalk board, pin board, hooks. My mind just went blank, but there are many other options. Leave a comment if you have questions about what else can be done with these old window frames. Send me a message if you want to order one.






  1. I love the window frame you made!! You are definetly a very creative, talented person!! I found you on Pinterest some time ago and have been following your boards but never knew you were linked to family in Daviess County! Your brother-in-law videoed our wedding and I know his mother Alma! I am wondering on a price for the frame? Thank you,

    • So neat Rachel. Thanks for stopping by. I am selling them for $120. Now that all depends on what you want in the panes. Depending what it is i’ll take some $ off or if its something that takes more time I may need to add some $. Let me know if you want more information. I’d be happy to send one home with my Sister over Thanksgiving. 🙂

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