How to Use Your Photos as Art | Children’s Bedroom Decor

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If you read my blog of follow me in social media, you know just how much I love LARGE format prints of your photo sessions. I featured a few of my clients awhile back and I have several clients who are currently in the deciding process. I am so excited that y’all are ordering pictures and hanging them on your walls as personalized artwork. I double heart coming into your homes and seeing them all over the walls or counter tops.

My friend Alyssa does a really good job at using photos from every session we do with her family and children. She does a lot of small photos arranged together in a frame to create a collage or pinned to a metal tray with magnets. they are huge, but they are there. She has several large family prints throughout the house as well.

Her 4th child was born a few months ago. Making them an even 2 boys + 2 girls.

When baby Violet was born, her sister was beyond thrilled to now have a sister. She is the best little mother to her as well. With all the excitement we snapped a few “sister” photos at Violet’s newborn session and Alyssa used them in their shared room.


The photo sizes in the girls room are all 16×20. The photo in the center is (obviously) a regular framed print. The photos on each side are canvas prints.

We snapped a few photos before Christmas of the children. For the boys’ room, she used those shots.


The photo in the boys room are both canvas prints. They are 14×20 and the artwork in the middle she purchased at HobbyLobby (I heart HobbyLobby too). It is a 16×20.

I think both rooms look fabulous. I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with. Leave her a comment and let her know how you like it.

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