Green & White Color Inspiration

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I am so excited about this weeks color inspiration combination of Green and White.

Green & White feels like a classic to me. Different shades of colors come and go but Green and White are 2 of those colors that are beautiful through any change of color fads.
I love spring/summer when everything is lush and green. I could spend all day planting and picking flowers or sitting in a beautiful garden. If you want to bring your love of the outdoors inside, use combinations of Green, White and Brown. My general rule is that every room needs a live plant and my weakness it green plants. It brings life to the room.

If you plan to use these colors for your next photo session, add Navy or Plum to keep your colors from blending in too much with the Green around you.


I’ve been planning this color combination for the past 2 weeks. Yesterday my mom and I stopped beside the road to pick some Queen Anne’s Lace (I don’t think its the real stuff, but a weed that is similar). I brought it home and combined the white with several types of greens from around mom’s house. I picked 2 different types of ferns and a shrub that mom had trimmed earlier that day. Despite the fact that the Queen Anne’s Lace Weed wilted on me, I still love the final product.

In my hunt to find the perfect place for the arrangement, I ended up re-styling my buffet. I love opening the front door and being greeted with pretty flowers.

For a few ideas of how to use these colors in your home, see below.








The mirror view makes the room feel cozier than in real life.

20140603_HJS_179886I wish this arrangement would last all summer!


I also decided to throw together a quick outfit with these colors just in case you love these colors and want to use them for your next photo session.

I decided this on the spur of the moment so please excuse the wrinkles in the clothes.


What is your favorite color combination?
If you love green, white and brown, Why?

Next week I am planning to post the outfits that I wore the other week end when I posted How to pack for a trip in 15 minutes or less.

Be sure to check back if you are interested in that.

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  1. Love the vignettes…pretty, pretty!

  2. I really love your buffet decor!!

  3. ah, I love this!! such a beautiful arrangement on your buffet!!

  4. Heidi! What a beautiful shower! Your creativity and style is so gorgeous.

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