Fashion Inspiration | Nautical themed clothes for your next photo session.

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Fashion tips for your next photo session. Today I have some Nautical themed outfits to show you.

The colors for today are Navy, Mint & Coral.
Navy is my new black. I’ve been saying that for the past 2 years. Black goes with practically anything, except brown (some exclusions apply :)). Navy, also goes with pretty much every color out there, including brown. So, in some ways its better than black.

I promised a fashion post this week. I will be honest, I was starting to regret my decision. I created a Polyvore account because that was the easiest way I found to create outfit’s from online stores. I am supposed to be able to post on my blog directly to the images I created, but I am having problems getting that figured out. I just did things the way I always do when I have an online issue I don’t know how to fix. I just made it work with the knowledge I have.

I started by searching for a piece that caught my eye. A multicolored article of clothing was what I had in mind. Something that would help blend everyone together, but not be all the same color. I found just that piece in a scarf. Its base color is Navy. It is a floral design with coral and mint mixed in. There are hints of other colors, but these are the ones that stood out to me. The scarf is pictured below. I think its pretty obvious which one we are talking about. I’m sorry I can’t draw an arrow to it. Since Navy always reminds me of Nautical themes, I also found these really awesome Nautical scarves. (You may get tired of me using the word Nautical in this post. I’m sorry.) They are lightweight white scarves. The ones has small anchors on it and the other has sailboats. They say Summer-time like nothing else does.

Enjoy the inspiration below for the Lady-of-the-house. Everything can be bought at and a lot of these pieces are on sale or clearance right now. I included several options for each piece. I wanted you to see the power of mixing and matching. There is so much you can do. With the long gray Maxi or the Navy Pencil skirt, try tucking your blouse in and wearing that gray belt over the waist. If you opt for the white and navy Henley sheer top, try mixing it with the ruffle chiffon navy polka dot scarf. To make it easy, visit my Polyvore page here.  By viewing these on my Polyvore site you will be able to click on the article of clothing and view it directly on the stores website. They also list links to other pieces that will work interchangeably with this outfit theme.

Women's Navy, Mint & Coral Nautical Fashion from kohls

For the Momma ^

Men's Navy, Mint and Coral Nautical theme fashion from Banana RepublicFor the Daddy ^  (or the teen-age son)
Just a few suggestions here in the men’s wardrobe. The Navy long sleeve sweater could be worn over top the mint or coral button down shirts. Leave un-tucked so the tail sticks out for added color. The anchor t-shirt could be worn under any of the button down shirts for a more casual look. Sperry’s would be a good shoe choice for the Man-of-the-house. Find links to all of these men’s cloths here.

Children's Coral, Mint and Navy Nautical clothes from Children Salon

For the Adorables ^

I think the children’s clothes are my absolute favorites. I can just see the Toddler with tiny Sperry’s on. Cute as a button. All along I was thinking these clothes were from Children’s Place. I just now discovered they are from Children Salon. I did a little ‘gulp’ at the prices. Granted the clothes are simply adorable, but a little out of my price range. I was hoping to provide you with affordable clothing options (and if you can afford these than I’m so happy for you, please buy up). Next time i’ll be sure to provide you with some reasonable prices on children’s clothing. I am sure you can find these shades at Kohls or Target for a fraction of the cost. To see all links for these cute children’s clothes go here.

Drop me a note and let me know if these color and fashion tips are helpful to you.

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  1. My weekness would be wanting to buy clothes for my kids. I’d buy cute outfits for them long before i would me. Maybe because they look cuter in outfits then i do. 🙂 Anyhow, and i would love, love to(for a little while)have the money to purchase those clothes like you showed.. without even batting an eye..
    And yes, your fashion tips are helpful and you always inspire me to try a little harder in the fashion area in my life, because i seriously lack in that!! 🙂

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