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Typically, i’m not a big fan of Fall. The main reason being that I really don’t like to be cold and Fall means that Winter is next and Winter is something i’m always happy to have behind us. This year I am enjoying Fall more than I have in the past. Mostly because I have finally decided that one of my problems is that I do not have winter clothes and so I purchased a few things that will help keep me warmer.

There is beauty in every season even if Its hard to find when i’m freezing. Although it isn’t hard to find when you drive by this on your way home from work.

I love how everytime I see beauty that comes from creation is reminds me of the Creator. I wonder what it will be like on the day that He returns. I imagine something more beautiful than this. My mind is also drawn to the Glory of Heaven. I imagine that this doesn’t even compare to that beauty. I am so excited to be saved by the blood.

Landscape photography is not my strong point, but I am so happy with how these turned out. I drive past this field every day, multiple times a day. I love to watch that tree and how it changes with every season. Maybe I need to document this in every season. It would be fun to see the changes.

I love living in the south. There are just a few things that always come to mind when I think about SC or GA and cotton fields are 1 of them. I drive past a few of them every day as well and finally found some time to stop and take some pictures. The cotton fields around here are beautiful this year.

The prints are available if  you want to purchase them. Email me from the contact from. Thanks!

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  1. Is it just me, or are the cotton fields brighter this year?.. or maybe i’ve just been cooped up inside so much recently that when i go out everything looks so bright..:) Great pictures here and i like what you said in the first paragraph about needing warmer clothes.. i really do think thats why so many southern folks don’t like the cold– they don’t have the warm clothes to keep them cozy.. (well thats at least part of the reason!)..

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