Engagement Photos at the Center for African American History, Art & Culture | Aiken, SC

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This Beautiful Couple is getting married soon! It was a rainy day and we changed our plans last minute from taking pictures at the USC Horseshoe to taking them in Aiken at the little park beside the Center for African American History, Art and Culture building. The building is under construction inside but outside, its beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful, as I mentioned before, this couple. Look at their happy-in-love smiles. I can’t wait for their wedding day.

This bride is trying to pull off all kinds of stunts right before her wedding. Graduated from college in May. Started a new job in May. Traveled out west with her family for 3 (+ a few more days) weeks and arrived home only 4 weeks before the wedding date!

We are praying for a cloudy wedding day. The bride’s favorite lighting for photos. We don’t ask for much. Clouds but no rain please!

This Bride is my cousin and I can’t wait to spend all day with her on her wedding day. I’ve learned that it is so special to take photos for close friends and family. When I would normally be there as a guest and say maybe 10 words to them, I get to spend all day with them. Its so special.

Aiken SC Engagement Photographer 1


These 2 met at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC. They are a model couple if there ever was one. They make choices that go against the flow of culture.
Friends, we need more couples like this.

Aiken SC Engagement Photographer 2

Aiken SC Engagement Photographer 4

Aiken SC Engagement Photographer 3

Aiken SC Engagement Photographer 5

Aiken SC Engagement Photographer 6

Check back in a month for wedding photos. You won’t want to miss them!

Check my portfolio for more of their engagement session.

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