DIY Headband / Hairbow Organizer

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We all love a good DIY project don’t we? Well, I LOVE a quick easy project that serves the purpose of keeping stuff organized. I don’t like clutter. It makes me feel like my life is out of control. When my bedroom or bathroom is a mess (aka bed not made, hair stuff all over the counter, etc..) I can’t function. It happens all too often. 20130727_HJM_121117

My sister has a small home and 2 children. There is 1 tiny little room that serves as a closet, guest room & baby room. Its full and always a challenge to keep organized. She picked up this nice big (I think 16×20) frame at a garage sale for $.50. What a Deal. Really I was a little jealous. I told her not to sell it to anyone but me. When I was up to meet my new niece she asked me if I could help her take off the tacky ribbon that was attached to the frame previously and make it functional for both hair bows and headbands.


I took strips of lace (that I found in moms sewing drawer) and stapled them to the back of the frame.


Next, I screwed in little “key” hooks to the top, inside of the frame.


The Hooks are to hold all of the headbands that Allison has received as gifts. She has a large selection for only being a few weeks old.


The strips of lace are to clip the hair bows on.

Super happy with how it turned out. As you can see i’m horrible at taking before pictures or even step by step pictures. I’m too excited to get started that pictures just takes up valuable time. If anyone needs a better tutorial let me know.




  1. Oh Heidi they are so sweet!!!Yea-she does look like her momma!!! You do such a great job!!!

  2. Cute way to use the frame. I love all the little headbands. A little girl can’t have too much hairstuff ..:)

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