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I visited the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC last week with my Dad, Mom, Sisters, Niece & Nephew. I am not sure when the last time was that I was at the zoo. I’m pretty sure about 7 years ago we went to see the lights at Christmas time, but its been at least 10 years since I have been to the zoo and actually saw animals.

I was pretty excited about visiting the zoo again for 2 reasons –

#1: The babies were here! So much fun to go to the zoo with the niece and nephew.
#2: I have never been to the Botanical garden that the Riverbanks zoo added on several years ago.

Today’s color inspiration comes to you from the sites at the Riverbanks Zoo.
If you like bright colors, then this is the post for you.

Bright colors are not typically what I grab when i’m shopping for clothes. I like them, but i’m uncomfortable wearing them. I tend to go to the jeweled tones and more and more i’m loving neutrals (shades of white, nude and peachy pink).

Bright colors are invigorating and inspiring. They are festive and create a fun atmosphere.

This first set of colors are “The Colors of the Flamingo.
Did you know that a Flamingo has so many different colors and shades on them? I sure didn’t. I know this is the back side of the flamingo and i’m sorry for that but I absolutely loved how this birds feathers were fluffed up and I could see all of the beautiful colors underneath.

I really like these shades of pink, strawberry red, coral and orange. Who knew that they would work so well together? God knew when he created the flamingo, right?

ColorsoftheFlamingoThe Colors of the Flamingo ^^

I love rainbows. I like them because they are rare and beautiful and I like them because I always think of the Creator God when I see one.
I think the colors of the rainbow are perfect for a birthday party theme. Not real big on wearing all of these colors at once.

If you are doing casual extended family photos you could have each family where a different color to easily distinguish who belongs where. That would be a good use of this color swatch.


We were able to actually walk into the bird cage and watch them fly around us. Some people bought food for the birds and fed them. It was so neat. My nephew thought the birds were so cool and he wanted to touch them. Of course he couldn’t. The birds were absolutely beautiful. They were full of every single color of the rainbow.

That big blob on the left side of my picture is my adorable nephew. He sported his hat and shades like a real safari dude. There were so many things to see at once.

Next week we will see some color inspiration from the botanical gardens.

What colors make you feel inspired? I’d love to hear about them.

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