Color Inspiration for your Photo Session & 2 of My Favorite Places.

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There are 2 things that I am looking forward to in the next 2 weeks and they just so happen to be at 2 of my absolute favorite places.

2 places I love:

The Beach (with warm sunshine)
The Peach Orchards (especially when they are in bloom)

2 events that i’m excited about:

1st on the list. Our 1 year anniversary is next week. I’m so excited about a few days away and enjoying some SUNSHINE.

2nd, I have an engagement session scheduled at the peach orchards. This is not the first or the last time I will say this “I love love love the peach orchards.” Truth be told, I like any orchard. There is something magical about rows and rows of trees. The plan is to take them the end of March. The blooms are a little behind this year because of the extra cold we have been experiencing. That is ok. We are patient and its just not Spring until we see those pretty blooms. I also feel like its just not spring unless I get to spend at least a few minutes in the orchards taking pictures.

3rd on my list of promises in this post was your weekly color inspiration. This week, they are coordinated with my favorite places.

This first block of colors I will call, Caribbean Hues. This picture was taken in Jamaica and while we are (sadly) not going to Jamaica for our anniversary, the beach is the beach whether or not its in Jamaica.

CaribeanhuesPallate copyOne more block of color inspiration for today from the peach orchards in full bloom. How Lovely are those colors?

Peach Orchard Blooms Palatte

I hope you have enjoyed these spring hues. I am loving the sun and warm weather we are finally experiencing here in the South. Normally we have our gardens planted by now. Come on Spring.

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  1. beautiful orchards! I’ll never forget that lovely sight when we came for your wedding. Can it be a year already? Enjoy the celebration!

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