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I love color. In fact, if I have the choice between a B & W photo or one in Color, I will usually (9 times out of 10) pick Color. I like color in clothes as well. I tend to pick the darker/royal colors over bright colors.

As much as i like color, I like to mix neutrals. I used to be scared to wear white on white. I definitely wouldn’t mix white with ivory. NEVER. I felt like they didn’t match. I’ve changed my tune a little. I will wear an all white outfit and mix white and ivory and I love it. I feel like an important way to do this is to add texture – ruffles, lace patterns. The mixing if Neutrals is so fresh and clean. Also, very feminine.

I realize these colors below are not all white and ivory, but the same rule applies with neutrals. Mix them up. Wear them together and don’t forget to add texture.

Driftwood1PaletteThese driftwood photos are recent pictures I took while at Hunting Island State Park in SC. We went to the fishing pier and walked out to the skeleton beach where lots of huge live oaks have been washed over by the rising tide. It is sad to see such beautiful trees ruined, but it is still beautiful. I love the texture in these pictures.


Another set of neutral colors. ^ This time with darker hues. These are beautiful fall Neutrals. I love how the red/brown and mustard/brown colors add a little bit of color, but still remain neutral.

What are your opinions on neutrals? I would love to hear what you think about mixing them together.

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  1. Funny I have changed my tune as well….. Neutrals are so classy. Mixing them is great. I still like a punch of color somewhere in a purse or shoes though. 🙂

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