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A combination post of Christmas favorites and some 2014 business goals that i’m working on.

I can hardly believe that it is January 14 of 2014. In fact this morning I was thinking we were still in the single digits. Maybe January 10 at the most and I looked at the calendar and realized I was pretty far off. No time to waste. The year month is 1/2 over and I have some 2014 goals to share with you.

I have been thinking of goals for my business this year. Goals for keeping my website updated and you looking at new work weekly. I’m not posting all of the goals today (as some of the details are not worked out yet).

1: Get internet hooked up at home. Without that it is nearly impossible to get new content up weekly or to stay connected with you in a timely fashion. Me and internet on my phone just do not go together. I like a big screen.

2: Weekly updates on Tuesday. Check back every Tuesday for a new blog post. Tuesday blog posts are going to be reserved for new client photos. I’m working on a plan for some fun creative updates another day of the week to keep it interesting.

3. Expand my client base. I have been working with a lot of y’all for 5-6 years and I love watching your families grow and your pictures get better every year. Thanks for spreading the word for me and helping me with this goal. 2013 was a good year with new clients and that is always exciting for me to reach a new group of people.

4. Styled shoots. I love photography. I love Fashion. I love Design (in every form of the word). I love being creative. I love dreaming up things and making them come to life. I love a beautifully decorated party and I love pulling it off. All that to say, I feel like a few styled shoots would be appropriate because I love those details.

5. Re-work pricing on website. If you have been on my website looking at pricing you are likely confused. I’M SO SORRY. I figured that out when I had a fulltime job and my brain was not functioning well. I am working on getting that set up a lot easier to understand. More in your package and less options. It will be a winner for you and me.

Thank you friends for a wonderful 2013. I am not working fulltime anymore and am looking for clients who need engagement and wedding photography. Please refer your friends to me. I’d love to talk with them.

Now for a few Family Christmas photo highlights:


Longtime neightbors and family friends. New clients and a lot of fun to work with.


Full-blood F-A-M-I-L-Y and proud to call them family. They are so good lookin’.


New addition in 2014. More from this session later.


Portraits for a special Christmas gift.


Just another really great family I know (and more cute children).


Look at those angels. They did so good.

p.s. Their momma makes rock candy with them. She is AWESEME.


Coworker and friend. 1 year olds are a circus but we out smarted him. More on the 1 year old later.


…and last, but not least. More family. This time not the real deal blood kind, but by marriage (thats also a good kind of family). Another fun fun session of the year. More angel children and that makes happy parents.  More to come of this family later.

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  1. Good job on setting goals. 🙂 I wish you and your business the very best in this year! You are doing really great with photography these days and we are lucky to be your clients.:)

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