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Use Your Photos as Art | Family Photo Art

Posted by on Jan 19, 2016 in Children, Family, Photo Sessions, Showcase of Client Homes & Art | 0 comments

It has been awhile since I gave y’all ideas of how to use your family photos as art in your home. My friends booked a family session to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. Family photos are a great way to celebrate a wedding anniversary. We took some cute photos of them as a couple. They used them in their master bedroom. The photo above their bed is a 16×20 framed print. The photo above the fire place is a 24×36 framed print. (excuse the window glare) They are lovely! With the help of her sister, she put together a gorgeous gallery wall in their family room. Gallery walls are hard to pull off, but this lady did a fantastic job. I have more client...

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How to Use Your Photos as Art in Nursery Decor

Posted by on Nov 23, 2015 in DIY, Newborn, Photo Sessions, Showcase of Client Homes & Art | 0 comments

Its been awhile since i’ve shared a post with you about how to use your photos as art in your home. Its not because I don’t have any to share. There are several clients, whose walls I can’t wait to show you. Today, I have a few quick shots of my friends nursery. The room doubles as a guest bedroom and nursery. She pulled it together beautifully. It is very functional for both spaces. I have said it before and I will keep saying it, I am sad when photos stay on your hard-drive and are never printed or hung on the wall. Enjoy them! Use them as art to personalize your home. Print a photo yearbook. These walls make me happy. I’m not sure on the exact...

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Why you should think about ordering prints larger than an 8 x 10. | Heidi (Mast) Stutzman Photography | South Carolina Photographer

Posted by on Dec 4, 2014 in Couples, Family, Fine Art, Photo Sessions, Showcase of Client Homes & Art | 0 comments

I am a HUGE fan of large format prints. 8 x 10 has never been a favorite of mine. Its just not quite big enough. If you have just had your family photos taken (Engagement, Wedding, Bridal, Senior, Whatever kind of session) and you are now wondering what size prints you should order. This post is for you. Every year I take 100’s of photos for people and ┬ámy favorite part of that, is walking into their homes and seeing those pictures on their walls. Many of these photos are just good, classic portraits. Others are artsy and candid. All of these images make beautiful artwork in your home. I hate to see these moments in your families history, forgotten on a CD or...

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