Best of 2016 | South Carolina Lifestyle & Portrait Photography

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Precious new Families in 2016. This beautiful little girl is loved by her parents. She was the perfect child during the session. I tell no stories when I say that she has only gotten more beautiful as she gets older. I envy her hair and skin color. A mutual friend of ours (mine and this family) allowed us to meet in the middle and use her beautiful home for these portraits. It was the perfect, relaxed atmosphere for a newborn session. So many Sweet babies. A local friend of mine, welcomed their 1st child the beginning of December. What a fun Christmas Miracle to witness. Bryce was also really great during the session. He wanted to be awake and see what was going on the...

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Male Senior Portraits at Columbia, SC State House & USC Horseshoe

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The SC State House and USC Horseshoe were the perfect choices for these senior Portraits. Stewart is a fashionable dresser and likes all the details. I knew it was going to be a fun session. I was excited for the opportunity to shoot in a city setting instead of the normal, trucks and fields that Seniors choose. For Stewart we needed classy and trendy. Stewart is a cousin of mine and comes from a beautiful family. I believe that every senior session I’ve done for them is my favorite. 2 more to...

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Inspired by Queen Esther | Magazine Photography | Daughter’s of Promise

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If you read my blog, you are familiar with the magazine, Daughter’s of Promise, that I volunteer photographer for occasionally. Today, I have a few images for you from my most recent article I photographed. The theme was our purpose, Such a Time as This and was centered around Queen Easter from the Bible. The photos were taken at the ruins to a Women’s College near New Holland, SC. It is a beautiful piece of property. I’m grateful to friendly southern neighbors who let me use their...

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Class of 2016 | Female Senior Portraits

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  Senior Portraits are among my favorite sessions. There is no chasing them around just to get a good shot or bribing them to smile. They are genuinely excited about their stage of life. Its such a fun time! I love to include photos that fit with each person’s personality or interests. Since these ladies were traveling, their sports equipment and vintage props were not accessible so we kept the session feminine and classic. These pretty Kansas girls, were planning a trip to South Carolina to visit family and thought they would take advantage of the south in full bloom for Senior Portraits. I have been friends of their extended family for my entire life (as...

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Class of 2016 | Male Senior Portraits

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Taking your senior portraits with a friend makes it more fun. These guys are graduating from a local private school and since they are the only graduates, they chose to do their Senior sessions at the same time so they could get a few “class photos” as well. I talked with them about a location option and they thought a place with a pond and fun cars would be appropriate and I knew just the spot. My neighbor/friend/ex-coworker has THE BEST collection of old vehicles and he just so happens to have a neat pond. We arrived and he had the cars parked all over the yard like there was a car show going on. These guys were thrilled. Tomorrow night is these...

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Senior Session in Ridge Spring, SC | Peach Orchard Photography | Irene

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Two weeks ago I spent an entire afternoon in the peach orchards in Ridge Spring, SC. I had the privilege of taking Senior photos for this beautiful girl of The Class of 2014. Irene is so much fun. Her requests for the session were – a field of flowers, bubbles and fun. This lady is full of energy. She loves to laugh. Working on her photos made me a little envious of how easy she laughs. You can see in these photos that her laugh is contagious and full of happiness.  I consider her family even though she isn’t family by blood. I will be honest. I cannot choose a favorite because she is so easy in front of the camera. We stopped for a few in this lush green...

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