Family Session Highlights from 2014 | South Carolina Family Photographer

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2014 was an exciting year. I had lots of new clients and loved working with all of them. I love when clients turn into friends. Another exciting thing about this year was watching clients get excited about using their photos as art in their homes. I cannot tell you enough how sad I am when the pictures just stay on a digital device. As I get each session ready for you, I fall in love with every-single-picture. I really loved every single session I did last year. I’m just going to give you a few of my top favorites today. I have a few more posts sitting in my “to-post” list  and i’m having a hard time figuring out where to start. I’m only...

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Oliver | Newborn | Aiken, South Carolina Newborn Photographer

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Oliver was the model child when it comes to Newborn sessions. He was crying when I arrived, but it took me a few minutes to get ready for him. His mom held him and he fell asleep in her arms. We walked outside, placed him in the basket and he slept the entire session. I moved his hands and legs around where I needed and for the most part they stayed right there. It would have been nice to get a peak of his eyes, but this way was easier for mommy and me. Oliver is so precious. He is a mini version of his dad and dark haired version of his older brother. I took his photos among the ferns and he just looked so cozy nestled among them.^^ He yawned and stretched and...

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My New Niece / Indiana Newborn Photography

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Precious Baby Girl. She looks just like her momma when she was a baby.  Meet Allison Bristol. She loves to be cuddled and swaddled up in a tight little cocoon. It was difficult to get pictures of her where you can actually see her frame and her cute toes because she would fuss as soon as we took the blanket off of her. This child has clothes and head bands in every shape and color. This cute little blue dress is from her great Aunt Esther. Napping peacefully in the golden sun beams. Baby Toes. I took a photo very similar to this one of her big brother when he was born. The Chair was green then, I painted it red for my sister for something new. Baby Yawns.   Sweet...

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Madalyn / Aiken, SC Newborn Photographer

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My deadline for Christmas pictures was Thanksgiving. I met that deadline without a problem, but I knew I had 3 Newborn sessions sometime the next month. Baby #1’s due date was soon after Thanksgiving. Baby #2’s due date was maybe a week later and Baby #3 was around 2 weeks later. Since babies come on their own time, baby #3 decided to arrive first. Close to 3 weeks early Sweet Madalyn Skye arrived to her very unprepared mom and dad. I mean they were prepared, but the bags were still not packed for the hospital and her sister who had planned to come help was not scheduled for another week or more. She is healthy and perfect and a kiss from heaven. Her 2 older...

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Jamison Parker – 8 days old

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So many of my friends are having babies right now. I am enjoying the opportunity to take pictures of all these sweet babies. There is nothing sweeter and more innocent then a sleeping baby. He slept peacfully almost the entire session while his siblings held him and chattered. He even slept through the construction going on outside of my house. We chose to do them in my back-yard. Afterall, baby was only 8 days old and mommy had a C-section so she didn’t want anything too far from home. It was so nice to have Alyssa’s mom and sister here to help entertain the older...

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