Newborn Sweetness | South Carolina Newborn Photographer

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Newborn Photos taken in South Carolina’s Low Country. The details of a newborn baby are fun to marvel at. The Tiny toes, fingers, lips and eyelashes. Pictures are a great way to preserve the newborn stage for a lifetime. Babies grow so quickly, or so i’m told. This little guy was perfect. He snoozed the entire session without a squeak. We moved him around, changed outfits, and no fussing. What a model child. đŸ™‚ Check out my Portfolio for more baby...

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Newborn Photography | Abbeville, SC Newborn Photography

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Y’all. Look at this beautiful baby girl. Newborn photos can sometimes take awhile, but not with this girl. She was awake in the beginning and with a few rocks from momma she was out cold. It is a lot of fun to watch your friends become parents. We live a few hours apart, so we met in the middle at a friends lovely little home in Abbeville, SC. It was the perfect backdrop for some lovely newborn photos. Look at her curled up. She is so precious. Congratulations...

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How to Use Your Photos as Art in Nursery Decor

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Its been awhile since i’ve shared a post with you about how to use your photos as art in your home. Its not because I don’t have any to share. There are several clients, whose walls I can’t wait to show you. Today, I have a few quick shots of my friends nursery. The room doubles as a guest bedroom and nursery. She pulled it together beautifully. It is very functional for both spaces. I have said it before and I will keep saying it, I am sad when photos stay on your hard-drive and are never printed or hung on the wall. Enjoy them! Use them as art to personalize your home. Print a photo yearbook. These walls make me happy. I’m not sure on the exact...

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A New Baby Girl | Aiken South Carolina Newborn Photographer

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Newborns are the sweetest. 2 years ago I photographed 2 very in love people. Just a few weeks ago they welcomed a sweet baby girl into their family and it appears they are even more in love than 2 years ago.  That is the way God meant it to be. This baby girl is so blessed to have parents who love her and parents who love Jesus. She was a doll the entire session. In the beginning she squirmed and squeaked a little bit, but it didn’t take long for her to fall asleep in her daddy’s arms with a little bouncing on the big exercise ball. She is perfect. Check out my portfolio for a few more images from this...

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How to Use Your Photos as Art | Children’s Bedroom Decor

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If you read my blog of follow me in social media, you know just how much I love LARGE format prints of your photo sessions. I featured a few of my clients awhile back and I have several clients who are currently in the deciding process. I am so excited that y’all are ordering pictures and hanging them on your walls as personalized artwork. I double heart coming into your homes and seeing them all over the walls or counter tops. My friend Alyssa does a really good job at using photos from every session we do with her family and children. She does a lot of small photos arranged together in a frame to create a collage or pinned to a metal tray with magnets. they are...

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Violet | Newborn Photography | Aiken, South Carolina Newborn Photographer

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Newborn photography is so special. Photos of these precious babies in their first days, their innocence and dependence on their parents. Little Violet is so loved by her family. Her big sister is exceptionally proud and happy to have a sister. Her older sister is a baby lover even before she knew she would be getting a baby sister. I have no doubt that they will become best of friends once the age difference fades away. Violet insisted on staying awake for the entire session. She was very content, unless we tried to swaddle her, which she resisted. I kid you not, the minute we decided we were done with photos, she fell asleep. Violet’s aunt made this quilt from...

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