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Touches of Fall | Fall Decor

Posted by on Oct 25, 2013 in My Life, Photo Sessions | 0 comments

Just a few touches of fall that grace our home. Its not much, but little touches make it cozy. These pictures were taken a few weeks ago and by now we have eaten all of the pears and oranges and the leaves are dried. So maybe its a little late to be posting these pictures but I am hoping they inspire you to look around your house and use what you have to add cozy touches of the season. Large pumpkin on our front porch (Aldi has big pumpkins for$3.50). I painted the S on the pumpkin with a big paint brush. Its not perfect but I love it. My pretty pink (volunteer) flowers were dying when I brought this pumpkin home so I plopped it on top of the dying flowers and it looked...

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Introducing… Heidi Mast Stutzman Phototgraphy | New Logo

Posted by on Oct 21, 2013 in My Life, Photo Sessions | 2 comments

Hooray! My name changed this spring. So excited to introduce to you my new logo. Please note that my website is still the same and email address. I debated about just leaving my logo with my maiden name. I also thought about just adding Stutzman in parenthesis somewhere, but I just didn’t like that. New Name, New look but wanted to stick with a similar theme. I have kept my Maiden name as a part of the logo to (hopefully) avoid confusion and help everyone to make the connection that we are one and the same. With a new logo in honor of my name change, I shall also introduce to you – My husband. Mr. Stutzman & I (by: Corey Potter) We were privileged to...

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DIY Headband / Hairbow Organizer

Posted by on Aug 22, 2013 in DIY, My Life, Photo Sessions | 2 comments

We all love a good DIY project don’t we? Well, I LOVE a quick easy project that serves the purpose of keeping stuff organized. I don’t like clutter. It makes me feel like my life is out of control. When my bedroom or bathroom is a mess (aka bed not made, hair stuff all over the counter, etc..) I can’t function. It happens all too often. My sister has a small home and 2 children. There is 1 tiny little room that serves as a closet, guest room & baby room. Its full and always a challenge to keep organized. She picked up this nice big (I think 16×20) frame at a garage sale for $.50. What a Deal. Really I was a little jealous. I told her not to...

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How to make a Magnolia Leaf Wreath

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I love making, creating, painting, being crafty and thrifty. A couple weeks ago I was inspired to make a magnolia leaf wreath. I love green plans in decor and we had just taken down the Christmas decorations and the from door always looks bare without the pretty green wreath. Mom and I asked a neighbor if we could cut some branches and we wired then to an old lampshade ring I had laying around. ┬áThe most fun, easy and cheap project I have done recently.      ...

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