Intimate Savannah Wedding at The Whitman Mansion | Historic Savannah, GA

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Take a look at this Beautiful wedding in Historic Savannah, GA. The reception was held at The Whitman Mansion, a historic Savannah home across the street from Forsyth Park. At the last minute, the ceremony was held there as well. There was a minor hiccup in the schedule. The Ceremony was originally planned for Tybee Island. The bride had all of her paperwork in order. Somewhere along the line, someone else didn’t. Beach or no beach, the ceremony was beautiful. The Whitman house is gorgeous. There is a small courtyard and it was quickly re-arranged the hold the ceremony and later the reception. Enjoy the details of this intimate Savannah, GA wedding. The Bride and...

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The Little Bake Shoppe | Food Photography | Wagener & Aiken, SC

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    Just a word of caution. This post will have you thinking you need a sandwich from the Little Bake Shoppe RIGHT NOW. The Little Bake Shoppe is located in Aiken and Wagener, South Carolina. They have delicious baked goods as well as deli sandwiches, wraps and salads. Breakfast & lunch sandwiches available. The sandwiches are worth every penny. They are stacked with meat and you absolutely HAVE TO TRY their house sauce to dip your sandwich in. You can find the Little Bake Shoppe on Facebook for more information on store hours and available products. Bacon, Egg & Cheese |  Best breakfast sandwich Chicken salad sandwich | I haven’t personally...

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Allie is 1 | DIY Baby Girl’s First Birthday | Montgomery, Indiana Photography | Heidi (Mast) Stutzman Photography

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It’s another party! My niece turned 1 in July. (Is it really August already???) Oh she is so precious. Everytime I look at her, I tell her “you look like your momma”. Its true. She is a chunk and her cheeks are just perfect for squeezin’ and kissin’. My husband and I had planned a trip to visit my sister’s family over July 4 this year. After we had scheduled the date, I realized that Allie’s birthday was just a few days after we were scheduled to leave. There is no harm in having a birthday party a little early, so we did. I loved that we were able to celebrate Allie with her family. My sister invited just a few family members...

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