Sans Souci Farms Engagement | Sumter, South Carolina Engagement Photographer

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Bryan & Morgan’s Engagement Session at Sans Souci Farm in Sumter, South Carolina was perfection. Morning Sessions produce the most magnificent glowing light. Its worth the early morning wake up call. Bryan & Morgan are planning a Spring 2017 wedding also at Sans Souci Farm in Sumter, South Carolina. The venue is full is beautiful photo locations. Morgan’s family has been so warm and treat me as family over the past 2 years that I have known them. I look forward to meeting Bryan’s family and working with them on their wedding day. They are so beautiful...

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Best of 2016 | Wedding & Engagement Photography | South Carolina Wedding Photographer

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2016 was a year of many beautiful couples. I started out the year with Kyle & Kaity at Freedom Park in Charlotte, NC. Perfect winter colors + Whimsical, Foggy Images The day was dreary and started raining as we left. I love the fog, it adds a magical feel to the images. Kyle & Kaity were a lot of fun and from their vibrant smiles, you would never have known that they had only arrived in Charlotte a few hours earlier with little sleep. Their wedding was in August at Bridgewater Church of the Brethren in Bridgewater, VA. The sunflowers and cobalt blue were the perfect colors to match Kaity’s fun personality. Be on the lookout for a blog post featuring their...

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Nautical Engagement Photos | South Carolina Engagement Photography

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In February I spent a fantastic Saturday morning taking photos of Ryan & Rachel as they rowed around this beautiful pond. As they were putting the boat in the pond, we found a small bunch of mistletoe on the bank. It was the perfect addition to these nautical engagement photos. As spring goes in the south, sometimes mornings are cold and sometimes they are warm. This particular morning was cold and since we were hoping for warm boating pictures, this couple braved it in shorts and flip flops. Not a hint of chills on these warm faces. I wish I had a picture of all of the cows gathered around me as I stood on the edge of the pond taking...

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Freedom Park Engagement Photos | Charlotte, NC

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A misty/foggy morning in January I met Kyle & Kaity at the Freedom Park in Charlotte, NC. Thankfully we had warm(er) temperatures for this morning’s cozy engagement session. Kyle & Kaity had traveled all night and with only a few hours of sleep they still looked fabulous. We had a nice time learning to know each other and talking about their wedding day. Its coming up in August and I’m excited to photograph their wedding day.  Its bound to be as relaxed and easy going as they are with each other! I always love photos on a foggy morning. They make everything a little more...

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A Southern Engagement | Ridge Spring, SC | South Carolina Engagement Photographer

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I have another engagement session for you today. Bride and Groom-to-be are both friends of mine. He is taking her further south. We will miss her around here.  I love the fall lighting and how the colors are so vibrant. This great couple is getting married in October and I am really looking forward to their wedding day. Ridge Spring never disappoints when it comes to locations for pictures. The house in the background of these photos is my dream home. I feel sad that it is falling apart. I love how it gives this session southern charm which is perfect for this South Carolina Lady and Georgia Gentleman. I have always loved her beautiful auburn hair. Check out my...

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Engagement Photos at the Center for African American History, Art & Culture | Aiken, SC

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    This Beautiful Couple is getting married soon! It was a rainy day and we changed our plans last minute from taking pictures at the USC Horseshoe to taking them in Aiken at the little park beside the Center for African American History, Art and Culture building. The building is under construction inside but outside, its beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, as I mentioned before, this couple. Look at their happy-in-love smiles. I can’t wait for their wedding day. This bride is trying to pull off all kinds of stunts right before her wedding. Graduated from college in May. Started a new job in May. Traveled out west with her family for 3 (+ a few more days)...

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