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Color Inspiration for Your Photo Session / South Carolina Photographer

Posted by on Feb 27, 2014 in Color Inspiration, Photo Sessions | 0 comments

I will just admit right now that picking photos for these color inspiration posts is almost my favorite part of the week. I love colors that inspire me. I feel like i use that word a lot  – inspire/inspiration. Sorry. I’m not a “wordy” person and sometimes I feel like my writing is choppy and unorganized. Forgive me for that, I am an artist and administrator, not a writer. I was a little unsure what I should do for today. I am all into spring. Especially since last week we had 70-80 degree weather and I even laid out in the sun for 2 hours one day. Now the past 2 days have been positively frigid again. Well, I think 40s-50s but honestly I was...

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Color Inspiration | Color Swatches | South Carolina Photographer

Posted by on Feb 20, 2014 in Color Inspiration, Photo Sessions, What to Wear | 2 comments

    We can all use a bit of color inspiration sometimes.  I don’t know about you, but nothing gets me more inspired than swatches of coordinating colors. The great thing is that these colors are good for all kinds of scenarios. You can use them when painting your house, branding your business or picking out fabric. Just to name a few. Why do I have them on a photography blog? I am often asked “what should we wear?”. I don’t mind that you ask. I’ve just been thinking of some ways to help you in that process of deciding what to wear. I have taken some close up shots of some pictures of mine and pulled out different color swatches...

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