A New Baby Girl | Aiken South Carolina Newborn Photographer

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Newborns are the sweetest. 2 years ago I photographed 2 very in love people. Just a few weeks ago they welcomed a sweet baby girl into their family and it appears they are even more in love than 2 years ago.  That is the way God meant it to be. This baby girl is so blessed to have parents who love her and parents who love Jesus. She was a doll the entire session. In the beginning she squirmed and squeaked a little bit, but it didn’t take long for her to fall asleep in her daddy’s arms with a little bouncing on the big exercise ball. She is perfect. Check out my portfolio for a few more images from this...

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Maternity Session on the Square in Abbeville, SC | South Carolina Family Photographer

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These Maternity Photos taken on the Square in Abbeville, SC are so full of excitement and that Abbeville “Southern Charm”.I already said this when I posted a sneak peak to my facebook page, but this lady has the “Mommy-to-be Glow”. I am not just saying that because she has been my friend since forever and because I love her. I’m saying it because its true. You see it too!  Being a mom looks great on her and this baby boy has an exciting future ahead with these 2 for parents. Daddy-to-be just wanted to be funny the entire time. Which is fine, because it keeps everyone relaxed and natural looking.  This couple, they have modeling jobs on the...

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How to Use Your Photos as Art | Children’s Bedroom Decor

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If you read my blog of follow me in social media, you know just how much I love LARGE format prints of your photo sessions. I featured a few of my clients awhile back and I have several clients who are currently in the deciding process. I am so excited that y’all are ordering pictures and hanging them on your walls as personalized artwork. I double heart coming into your homes and seeing them all over the walls or counter tops. My friend Alyssa does a really good job at using photos from every session we do with her family and children. She does a lot of small photos arranged together in a frame to create a collage or pinned to a metal tray with magnets. they are...

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1 Year Ago | Extended Family Photography | South Carolina Low Country Family Photographer

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Occasionally I like to do posts about what I was doing a year ago. I have several posts that I am working on and nothing was coming together. I am going through my 2014 files and getting them ready to make a yearbook. Lots of reminiscing on the past year, so I thought this would be appropriate for today. One year ago (yesterday), I was taking pictures for a favorite family of mine. This family is special for many reasons. For starters, they are family. Second, I just really enjoy being with them. They are all proper and a very classy family. While that sometimes would translate that they are not any fun, that is not the case. I enjoy being with people who are...

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Family of 4 | Aiken, SC – Hopeland Gardens Family Photography

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      I met this family of 4 at Hopeland Gardens in Aiken, SC a few weeks ago for family photos. We have been talking about a session for awhile and finally we just set a date and made it happen. The weather was beautiful and we walked away with lots of great family photos for them to treasure for a lifetime. The youngest tried to trick us into thinking he didn’t like pictures. We did a lot of playing instead of posing and he decided it wasn’t so bad! We had him sit on the edge of the reflecting pond and dip his toes in the water. That brought a lot of smiles from him. … he blew on dandelions … and blew kisses. This girl loved the...

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Allen 9 months | Hopeland Gardens | Aiken, South Carolina Children’s Photographer

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This little guy is so handsome. He is 9 months old and he is so well behaved. His Great Grandma called me to schedule the session. She wanted pictures to show her family and friends who don’t live close-by. I understand why. Look at this sweet face. His mom had him dressed in the most dapper outfits. He really looks like a small southern gentleman. This little face. So adorable. A few of the whole family. It was a pleasure meeting this...

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