heidistutzmanphotographyheadshot4Since I was young I have enjoyed picking up a camera and using it. I was delighted to perfect my skills any chance I could find, on family vacations, get togethers, weddings, etc. For a couple different reasons people seemed to always give me the camera. First I had an eye for quality pictures, and second if somebody else was in charge of the camera we wouldn’t get pictures.

I am a lover of complex designs, classic and vintage buildings etc. I thoroughly enjoy taking artistic pictures of nature, monuments, buildings and landmarks and people. Out of all of those my favorite is people as the subject, people who I love, my family, and my friends. It gives me a connection and a sense of satisfaction to bring out the beauty of each individual person.


What better way to invite others to celebrate your life, special memories and accomplishments, then through a timeless photograph.


Not only do I love good traditional portraits, but I also love to mix in artistic shots that match each clients personality. The joy in taking pictures for clients is in celebrating the uniqueness of each person and taking an image that reflects their style. You will have pictures that you like, your mother likes, and so will your grandmother. Each of us reaches milestones in our lives. Some may be different, some may be the same, but this is my way of helping individuals share their milestones with their friends, family and future generations.

I have never considered myself to be good with words. Neither can I pick up a pencil or paint brush and draw a portrait of someone. My camera is my paint brush, Through the Lens I can help you
preserve the memorable moments in your life and the lives of your family.                                                                                



                                                                                                                                                    Photos By:  Melissa Brewer Photography
                                                                                                                                                              &  Jessica Hunt Photography