A Southern Engagement | Ridge Spring, SC | South Carolina Engagement Photographer

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I have another engagement session for you today. Bride and Groom-to-be are both friends of mine. He is taking her further south. We will miss her around here.

 I love the fall lighting and how the colors are so vibrant. This great couple is getting married in October and I am really looking forward to their wedding day. Ridge Spring never disappoints when it comes to locations for pictures. The house in the background of these photos is my dream home. I feel sad that it is falling apart. I love how it gives this session southern charm which is perfect for this South Carolina Lady and Georgia Gentleman.

Aiken SC Engagement Photographer 8

I have always loved her beautiful auburn hair.

Aiken SC Engagement Photographer 11

Aiken SC Engagement Photographer 9

Aiken SC Engagement Photographer 10

Aiken SC Engagement Photographer 7Check out my portfolio for more images from their session.

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